Misc. Bits

1. Finder - won't copy some files (locked?) when backing up and won't tell you about it.
2. Finder - Will give you error -50 on some files when trying to copy them back from DVD-R after you backed them up.
3. Ditto - will copy everything, but you need to remember to use the -rsrcFork or else kill files with resource forks.
4. When hitting the volume key, it plays the alert sample at the current volume, so in order to turn the volume all the way up, you have to endure the alert sample at max volume. This is very annoying, an easy fix is to pick a less annoying and less maxed out sample. I loaded all the samples into a sound editing app and checked out the wave forms. Obviously Bad [purr, temple, sosumi, submarine, pong2003], Good [basso, pop, bonk, tink] and the others are medium amplitude.

1. Installing OS X.1 on a 733Mhz G4 (1MB L3 cache aka. digital audio) takes 28 mins
2. Updating from 10.1 to 10.1.4 with all the patches and a high speed internet connection takes another 30 mins and like 3 or 4 restarts.

Things to do...
(when re-installing os x)

enable root [sudo passwd root]
rm Desktop OS9 Folder
enable ssh
enable appletalk
enable ftp
install the developer tools
set keyboard repeat rate
turn off hard disk sleep and system sleep (set monitor sleep to 10-15mins)
set better audio alert
turn off quicktime version check
turn on seconds on clock
turn on manual clock update
turn software update on manual
turn on Zoom in universal access 10.2
shrink dock to smallest size, set to autohide left side 10.2
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