How to build a rockin' OS9 compatible OSX box.

The following is a list of 9 tips to put the 9 back into OS X =)
Half of the haxies listed are free, the other half are shareware and would cost $48 combined.

1. Disable the Dock
Renaming it works fine

WARNING: As of 10.2 this will cause finder to hang. I'm looking for an alternative.

But how do I switch applications?

2. AppSwitcher
Keyboard Switching

OS X Finder relies on the Dock for ALT-TAB to work, this re-enables alt-tab

Windows like pop-up icons

Sorts apps by most recent used (very nice)

But what about the Application Menu?

3. X-Assist

Mouse based switching

The Application menu is back.

Can enable OS9 Like Smart windows (all windows of an application stick together)

Can hide applications when switching.

Hide Others/CurrentApp/Show All etc...

No more pesky separator that switches between icon/text mode!

Nice, but without the dock how do I quickly launch apps?

4. Dragthing - As nice as ever

You can go crazy with the look/size/location. Mine here is only an example.

Provides desktop TrashCan (now that you have none without dock =P)

Tabbed windows save a lot of space for all your common apps.

Custom colors, textures, buttons, just about everything is configurable

Wait, I can't hide a single window any more, just full apps!

5. WindowShadeX - WindowShades are back!

Double click on title bar window shade!

Can alter other window buttons controls (+ - =)

Can adjust or remove window shadows/transparency (giving a nice speed boost)

But the apple menu is still lame on OSX.

6. Fruitmenu - Fully Customizable apple menu! Make it just like OS9.

Pop out Control Panels

Convenient access to favorites like Calculator, Stickies, etc...

Is it me or even at the max speed my mouse seems slow?

7. MouseZoom - Reasonable maximum speed mouse

Any speed value you want.

Ok, its not my glasses, these fonts/graphics are fuzzy!

8. TinkerTool - Disable font smoothing, tweak GUI, etc

Finder's 'Get Info' is broken, it only lets me get info on *One* item at once.

9. Split Decision here...Your choice:
SuperGetInfo $20, CMD-I, not as feature rich.
X-Ray $10, Can't find hotkey (e.g. CMD-I) & Panes are big
FileXaminer $10, CMD-SHIFT-I, batch capabilities. (I'm leaning towards this one)

Cost breakdown:

Disable Dock

Dragthing - $25
FileXaminer - $10
WindowShadeX - $7
FruitMenu - $6 (if you get w/WindowshadeX)
Total: $48

If you can find less expensive programs with all of these features let me know!

Now all I need is a spring loaded folders and a 500% GUI speed up and OS X will rock.
Look like I'll be waiting for 10.2 aka Jaguar for those remaining goodies.

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