1988 Rx-7 10th Annv. Edition 170K Miles. Parts...

Pictures can be found here!

Engine blown (probably an apex seal)
Turbo is probably good as long as the apex seal didn't hit it.

The engine has about 50k miles on its last rebuild and was Street-Ported and rebuilt by Tripoint Engineering.

Some extra stuff thats on the car: (with approx. new price)
Profec Fuzzy Logic Boost Controller ($600)
F-Con Fuel Computer ($1050)
Racing Beat Fuel Cut Bypass ($91)
AirFuel Ratio meter ($100)
Greddy Turbo Gauge ($125)
Racing Beat Complete 3" exhaust $789
Hawk brake pads (unknown condition $124)
Bazooka Tube ($350)
Passport Radar Detector ($50)
Uniden BCT10 Scanner Highway Patrol Alert with Strength Meter ($120) Lightend Steel Flywheel ($364)
Racing Beat Springs ($240)
Tokiko Shocks (Front $238+ rear $140)
Racing Bear Sway bars (front and back) ($194)
4.3:1 Rear Racing Gears ($420)
Hot start assist fuel cutoff button ($200?)

Known Not working:
Washer Fluid Pump
Low Fuel Light (guage works)

Working Mostly, but can be problematic:
Ignition Switch
5th Gear Syncro (slow shift into 5th)
Front left wheel bearings
Electric Windows
Passenger Electric Doorlock
Sunroof (sticks sometimes and rust around edge, starting to leak)
Electric Antenna
Everything else should be in working order. I won't give any guarantees, but if you have something specific in mind I could at least check it out for you if its worth it to me.


The car has been in a several minor bumps and bruises. It needs a paintjob and the rear right has some body work from an encounter with a rock and some trashcans that I never finished...it needs to be smoothed out and painted. I also had an engine fire (exhaust leak+fuel leak=fire) so there is some paint damage in parts of the bay. But, it was all repaired and it now has a new wiring harness ($1k part 1k labor).

I've owned and drove the car from 1990-1999 (got a 94' RX-7 w/24k miles). When I got my new car in July'ish of 1999 the FC sat until March when my new car died. Then I started driving the FC which promptly died in a few weeks, then it sat for many years until I practically gave it away.