4/8/8 - Car back to the PFS (for awhle now), the AEM just never worked well for me, I may try it again later. Recently, put in the 'bigger' super small battery. Everyone else seems to be using the EXT14 12AH 12lbs, I went with the EXT18L 20AH 18lbs, slightly better power/weight ratio and 40% more juice. Seems like a good compromise for a street car.

Some more recent I took 12/04.

Some pictures I took 2/02, happy!

Some older pix the previous owner took.

Here are some pix from Sevenstock 4:
Pic 1 and Pic2

Performance: 0-60: 4.4 Seconds
1/8 ET: 8.42
1/8 MPH: 88.8MPH
1/4 ET: 12.9 (i know it SHOULD go faster)
1/4 MPH: 109MPH
Top Speed: 172MPH+
HP: ~375
RWHP: ~325
Skidpad: 1.21g (Weee!)
Performance mods:
Rebuilt engine with street port
Upgraded engine to 3mm apex seals
Greddy 3" Cat back Exhaust
3" High flow catalitic converter
3" Greddy racing downpipe
Front strut brace
Tripoint adjustable front swaybar
Reinforced front swaybar mount
Racing Beat? rear sway bar
Koni Springs
Koni 3 way adjustable shocks (height/bump/compression) Custom valved for the RX-7
Tripoint cold air intake box.
2 K&N conical air filters
All silicon hoses for the sequential twin turbo system.
Adaptronic full computer replacement.
AEM Full Computer Replacement w/Wideband UEGO (air fuel meter/sensor)
PMS Fuel computer (fuel map/timing/boost)
3 Posision switch for computer, 1. Fast 10lbs boost, 2. Faster 14lbs, 3. Liducrous speed ~15-16lbs
Yokohama A032 racing tires (60 Treadwear) Back - 275/40ZR17, Front - 245/45ZR17
Toyo Proxes RA-1 racing tires (100 Treadwear) Back - 275/40ZR17, Front - 255/40ZR17
Nippon Denso Competition fuel pump
Fuel pump rewired for better voltage
Greddy Intercooler
Axxis ULT ceramic brake pads (dusty but decent cold and hot)
Hard intercooler pipes
98' Spec intake pipe upgrade
All fluids except engine oil are Redline synthetic
Aluminum Flywheel
Heavier clutch pressure plate
Ring and Pinion set 4.3:1 (stock is 4.1:1) Lowered gear ratio...
17"x10" Rear, 17"x9" Fronts Kinesis K5 wheels (~18lb rear, 17lb front vs. 15.4lbs for stock 16x8)
Plus ~6lbs per tire rear and ~2lbs front (225/50/16 originally)

DEKA ETX18L AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) Battery 18lbs (20.8lbs savings).

Non-performance related
Greddy Boost guage
Pioneer DEH-P9400BH Reciever (best car stereo I've owned). HD-Radio, Bluetooth Streaming, Aux, TWO USB (32GB card and iPhone), CD, Pandora...etc...
6" 100Watt Bazooka bass tube
Valentine One radar detector
Gtech Competition Pro Performance Meter